Sourcing Specialist

Being also a trading company Mobile Lord Limited is not obliged to promote any one factory, but will source the best manufacturer to produce your product after a side by side comparison based on a number of criteria. Mobile Lord will communicate with the factories, verify that they’re legitimate, and once the order is placed, can visit them (optional). Once a reliable manufacturer that can create your product is found, we will quote you a price. Prices can be quoted with the freight included to the customs port nearest to you.

Customer’s Requirements

All you need to do is send us prints, pictures, and specifications, or a prototype of the product you need. If you have a new product that needs to be prototyped or developed from scratch, we will help our customers throughout the process of creating new products and in the making of relevant prototypes. From concept to production, our highly skilled team will be by your side to provide technical and market related expertise.

Sample Approval

Once you feel comfortable with the initial arrangement, placing a purchase order is the next step, subject to sample approval for the main production order. We will then provide you with a sample to approve before the main production takes place. In case a new mold is required, you may need to wire transfer a deposit on the mold cost to us. Our team will be directly in touch with you and the factory to make sure that your product is manufactured according to your specifications.

Quality Inspection

Once you approve the sample, the main order will begin production. Once the shipment is completed, you are free to use your own third party inspection company to perform an inspection of your shipment. Mobile Lord will inspect the shipment at the factory whether you use the third-party inspection company or not if the order is placed through us.

Freight & Customs

Once the goods are ready we will arrange for the shipment to be sent from factory to the port nearest to you (i.e. Chicago, London, etc.), although we provide customs clearance services for a number of countries, to be certain please contact us directly as the customs procedures can vary between different products.