Quality Control

I Need Help With Quality Inspection Of My Order

Using Mobile Lord Quality Inspection Services is an excellent way for our clients to be rest assured and make sure you get what you actually asked for and hopefully come back for more. Our services are comprised of a number of parts, our clients are free of choose any or all of them depending on your individual needs. Our services are comprised of a number of parts, our clients are free of choose any or all of them depending on your own individual needs.

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

A visual check of the quality of components, materials etc. at the beginning of production as per the clients’ specifications and/or the reference sample. The PPI thus permits timely corrections and improvements before the mass production is initiated; any non-conformity is immediately reported to avoid delay in shipment and maintain quality.

During Production Inspection (DPI)

A visual check on the quality of semi-finished and finished products when at least 20% – 30% of the order has been completed. Our onsite inspectors will randomly inspect the production batch for possible defects. If any such products are found, our inspectors will identify the anomaly and provide advice on the corrective measures that are necessary to ensure a uniform batch quality and a quality final product. This service allows you to find out the problems at the early stage instead of at the last minute.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

The pre-shipment inspection takes place when the order is 100% completed, packed, marked and ready for shipment. Our inspectors randomly select some products from the finished goods, based on statistical random sampling technique, commonly known as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, MIL-STD-105E, BS6001, DIN40080, ISO2859 or NFX06-022, to verify that the finished products meet your requirement.

Customs Clearance

Mobile Lord Limited provides customs clearance services for both imports into China and for exports to a number of countries. To make sure, please contact us directly as the customs procedures can vary greatly between different products.

Loading Supervision

Our inspectors will reach factories, warehouses, or the loading place to check the product’s information, quantity, and packaging at the time of loading; they will also supervise the whole loading process and help the manufacturer finish loading as per clients prearranged requirements and make sure the proper working process is followed.

Factory Audit

Because starting your valuable business deal and handing over your precious money to an unknown business entity is a great risk.
Mobile Lord allows you to accurately assess the capabilities of a factory before or after you place an order. Our factory audit report enables you to efficiently decide whether the factory is suitable for your products and business or not. For a factory audit, mainly we check the following aspects:
1. Factory’s background including the structure, number of workers, area of workshop etc.
2. Manpower
3. Product capability
4. Machinery, facilities and equipment
5. Manufacturing process and production lines
6. Quality control system
7. Management system & capability
8. Environment

Social Compliance Audit (COC)

This service is conducted mainly based on SA8000 or standards drawn by clients, to make sure whether the manufacturers comply with social ethics, including child labor, forced labor, nondiscrimination, minimum wage, overtime wage/hours, social benefits, safety and health, dormitories, protection of the environment etc. A great way to make sure that doing business with a company doesn’t affect your Corporate Social Responsibility criteria.