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Mobile Lord Limited is among Hongkong’s top distributor and sourcing company of new, used, refurbished and certified pre-owned mobile devices, accessories tablets and more.

Our high-quality products and devices are imported from different certified and leading companies from around the world as well as within Hongkong too.

Our company is led by experts in the mobile communications industry with proven and unmatched experience. We combine technological expertise with the very best in customer service and logistics, and we hire only the most talented people and skilled support staff.


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We test and grade thousands of mobile devices through our extensive R2 and ISO certified processes every month, we offer innovative solutions, reliable service, and a trustworthy approach to quality and support.

Our stock lists are continuously updated with the latest prices and models from different brands.

All devices must follow strict guidelines before ready for dispatch which includes disinfection, data wiping, extensive testing and accurate gradings.