About Us

About Us

ML is a strategic digital agency based in Hong Kong

Mobile Lord is a strategic digital agency and sourcing company in Hong Kong.

Mobile Lord (ML) is a strategic digital agency based in Hong Kong, China with a proven track record of success working with organizations of various sizes to deliver digital breakthroughs. We have delivered many successful projects for our partners, enabling them to discover new ways to engage their stakeholders and help transform the way they operate as a whole.

Our team brings together creative and technical capabilities along with relevant strategic thinking. Innovation and creativity need a firm foundation upon which to build and we have 15+ of cross-vertical experience; understanding your business, your brand, your customers and your market is at the very core of what we do.

We’ll be your digital partners. We’re dedicated to nurturing strategic collaborations that last. We’ll be here when you need us, whether you’re rolling out a multi-channel digital presence, or you simply need a hand with a specific business challenge. Lastly – we’ll stick around long after launch, with an end-to-end service that goes way beyond design and build. Using the best tools, techniques and emerging technologies, we ensure our partners are digital leaders in their fields.

Experience and Sourcing

We are also an international trade and consulting firm with a strategic focus on the telecom -mobile sector. Our competitive advantage is in many years of experience in the industry, direct connections to Eastern and Western markets, and most importantly our integrity.

At Mobile Lord our diverse team of professionals are positioned to help businesses navigate developing markets. We mitigate the risks associated with international business by assisting our clients in transaction negotiations, and by providing quality assurance. Utilizing our global network of suppliers we are able to meet our clients’ most precise sourcing needs, and are positioned to manufacture products as per specified requirements.

Our dedicated team of specialists utilize an integrated quality assurance system to vet each vendor of our network, and diligently inspect the product.

In Mobile Lord our clients find a trusted partner that can help  structure highly specialized deals,  and navigate cumbersome legal, compliance and bureaucratic obstacles. Mobile Lord may also provide financing for deals that are consistent with our risk models.

We work in partnership with OEM mobile device manufacturers, internet companies and tech venture capital firms to provide China market entry and investment to early stage internet and mobile startups.

We look forward to having your business become a member of our network.

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